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Where Every Meal is a Bonding Experience.

Jim, NY

"The cuts of fish the Chef served were of the highest grade quality I’ve had the pleasure of tasting. I was left feeling refreshingly full and had a new appreciation for different types of fish I would typically never order. Even with salmon and tuna, two fish I commonly order when eating sushi, I was able to experience new flavor profiles. Also Sharon (the waitress) was wonderful as well for being so attentive to guests and refilling drinks often. I would recommend trying Kizuna Omakase."

Shuly Zuo, NY

"Probably one of the best sushi that I’ve had in New York. Very high quality traditional Japanese sushi, and worth the price. The chef was very skillful and the service was amazing! As a Japanese, I would come here again!"

Chris, NY

“My wife and I had an amazing time at this restaurant last week! The fish was incredibly fresh, and the Chef's customer service was top-notch. We'll definitely be going back again!"

Join us at Kizuna Omakase Restaurant and discover the profound connection between chef and diner, tradition and innovation, food and artistry.

Experience the essence of omakase dining at its finest, where each bite is a testament to our commitment to excellence and our passion for creating unforgettable omakase moments.

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